Dog friendly beaches for us because we love to travel

Dog friendly beaches

Generally Most Dogs love beaches but before carrying them to beaches be sure to know pros and cons of it.

Pros & Cons of

Taking dog to beach

I am a good dog lover from my childhood and have been fond of walking with dogs on the beach. but I am living a little far from a nice beach nowadays. I have learned a lot of things and I can say that gradually becoming a good dog master after caring for different good breeds of dogs from approx the last 20 years. 

Here is the link of concerned website for authentic information regarding dog friendly beaches near me. My self and my wife often use it to know about dog friendly beaches near me.

Pros of taking dog to beach:

  1. Beaches are one of the favorite attractions of nature and an important part of ecology. 

  2. It is a pleasure to put claws in the sand.

  3. Running with the waves is a bit different and gives a great feeling to your dog.

  4. Sound of the ocean is relaxing for sure not only for you but also for him also.

  5. Water of the ocean is better than the pool.

  6. He enjoys being littered with sand, kicking off, playing over the sand.

  7. There are also a lot of benefits to people who love beaches like sunbath, relaxing sound, great feeling, napping, playing etc.

Cons of taking dog to beach:

  1. Prefer those beaches only which are dog friendly beaches. 

  2. Your dog needs to get rid of the salted sand off. You may use a faucet if available there before taking him to your car or washing him when you reach home.

  3. For courtesy to other people who also love beaches for fun, you can carry poop bags to pick up after your dog, and use a trash receptacle. Do you know where is the dog is going to urinate and defecate? Would you like stepping in either one of those on a crowded beach? 

  4. Some dogs are not well behaved specially around strange people on beaches, so please take care to avoid any hurdle because people wear swimming dresses.

  5. Chances are there for your dog to get drowned in a fast flow of water, so keep them safe.


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