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Koh Chang Island

Koh Chang Attractions

You’ll be amazed at the natural beauty and Koh Chang attractions! Koh Chang is Thailand’s second largest island, after Phuket and is positioned within Trat Province in eastern Thailand. The island was largely unknown to tourists up until roughly 10-15 years earlier. Koh Chang is among Thailand’s the majority of beautiful islands and is the biggest in the Koh Chang Archipelago. Due to its distinct surface there are an abundance of Koh Chang attractions, varying from long white sandy beaches, high mountains and evergreen rain forests to high cliffs, waterfalls and coral reefs. There’s so much natural charm on the island making it the perfect location for those who like the outdoors.

In the early 1980’s Koh Chang entered into the Mu Koh Chang National Marine Park. It is only recently that it has developed into a significant tourist destination for both immigrants and regional Thai’s. This has actually caused much development of what was just rural fishing and farming towns, to a range of vacation lodging from, high-end resorts to budget backpacker cottages and guesthouses.



Much of the top Koh Chang attractions are the stunning coastlines. The majority of the picturesque sandy coastlines are on the west shore, with the eastern shore being mostly rocky with a touch of small villages and also a handful of hotels that cater for those who actually want to get away for some solitude. Each beach has its very own unique feel, geography and also style, with something to cater for everybody’s taste.

The northern most Klong Son, is a silent, attractive neighbourhood town as well as bay, while the adjoining White Sand Beach (Haad Sai Khao) is the lengthiest beach – with a magnificent seascape and is among the most established – with lots of resorts, dining establishments, shops, bars and cottages to choose from.


Pearl Beach and Klong Prao Beach offer boutique resort and upscale accommodation, accompanied with some of the best beaches on the island, whereas Kai Bae, the next beach going south, is a favourite for families and older couples. Lonely Beach has the reputation for being the liveliest beach on Koh Chang and is the original backpacker destination with parties going on until the early hours. Meanwhile, its sleepy neighbour Bailan Beach, is much quieter and simply offers some comfortable basic bungalows surrounded by a rocky landscape.

Lastly, Bang Bao in the south at the bottom of Koh Chang’s western side is a charming classic fishing village, which has a prominent 700 meter long concrete pier that stretches into the bay. This is the departure point for most of Koh Chang’s diving and snorkelling tours.


Waterfalls and Mountains

Various other leading Koh Chang attractions include its huge mountainous surface. As Koh Chang’s inside is made up of 70% exotic jungle, normally there many falls that travellers can see during a journey to the island. Take a guided tour with the deep thick jungle as well as you’ll find a wealth of wildlife including macaques, mongooses, reptiles, an array of bird species as well as elephants (although these are not indigenous to the island).

Klong Plu Waterfall, during the wet season, is one of the top attractions on Koh Chang. The waterfall can be found down a road at the northern end of Klong Prao Beach. It is a short walk to the plunge pool at the bottom where one can enjoy a revitalising swim. Than Mayom Waterfall sits on the east coast, near Than Mayom pier. This is a four level waterfall made famous by two previous kings of Thailand, Rama V and VI. Both kings engraved their initials into a rock at the waterfall and still today tourists visit just to see the famous inscription for themselves.

If you are feeling specifically in shape and also adventurous, head south to Salak Phet and also you’ll discover Klong Neung as well as Kheeri Pet Waterfalls. Klong Neung is the highest waterfall on the island and although testing to accessibility, is one of the most mind-blowing. Kheeri Family pet is a little less complicated to accessibility and also has a waterfall that varies dramatically from two to seven levels depending on the period. A waterfall that is rarely seen is Kai Bae Waterfall as well as although it is just one level, the decline is just breath-taking. Decide to delight in a revitalising swim in its dive pool at the bottom and you’ll be surrounded by audios of the jungle, making any kind of tough hike well worth the initiative.



In addition to its marvellous natural charm, if you desire to experience some of Koh Chang’s social and traditionally substantial sites, these tourist attractions on Koh Chang do not disappoint either. There are attractive Buddhist temples in the towns of Klong Nansi, Klong Prao, Bang Bao and Klong Son. Near the village of Klong Son is also the Chao Po Chinese Temple, which houses the spiritual temple to the ‘Godfather of Koh Chang’ – a genuinely amazing item of design. According to tale lots of petitions from citizens have actually been answered in times of severe challenge by the Godfather of Koh Chang. The Chao Po Koh Chang (Divine being of Koh Chang) is highly respected by the residents as well as is thought to shield individuals of the island.

Lastly, in the south near Salak Phet Bay, exists the Koh Chang Naval Fight Area where the Thai and also French fought over the eastern border in The second world war. The Thai Navy holds an annual event to honour the triumph and also honour the dead by floating garlands right into the sea, two battlewagon wreckages stay in the sea near Salak Phet Bay as well as create attractive diving sites.

Have you visited Koh Chang Island before? What did you think about its attractions? Do you have any recommendations for others? Leave your comments below!

Post and images courtesy of We Love Koh Chang.

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